Where Is Control Panel In Windows 10?

Control Panel works as the backbone of computer systems. Whenever we want to change any setting in Windows 10, we go to the Control Panel.

But, why follow the old and lengthy process, if we have short tricks available to find where is Control Panel in Windows 10

So guys, let’s see where is Control panel Windows 10?

Where Is Control Pannel In Windows 10


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To skip lengthy steps to find Windows 10 Control Panel, here we’ll discuss…

..how to find Control Panel on Windows 10 using shortcuts.

Where Is Control Panel In Windows 10?

Find Control Panel In Windows 10 Using Cortana Search

There is always a search box available in Windows 10 to help you, named “Cortana“.

All you need to know about Cortana, it is the fastest way to search anything in Window 10.

So guys, if you are in doubt like, should I trust Cortana/should I use Cortana or not…

..Then DON’T WORRY! Go with it, Cortana will worth it

Go with it, Cortana will worth it 🙂

Follow the given steps below to reach Control panel Windows 10…

Steps To Find Windows 10 Control Panel Using Cortana Search

  1. Go to the Cortana personal assistant search box that is located in the system taskbar.
  2. There, type Control Panel and go with the appeared search result.Control Panel Windows 10 Cortana Search

You can also use Cortana voice search to find where is Control panel in Window 10.

This was the first way to find Control Panel in Window 10.

Read this article until the end, and you will get more easy and interesting ways of your search- Where is my Control panel Windows 10.

Control Panel keyboard shortcut keys are also described below…

Windows 10 Control Panel Shortcuts

Pin Control Panel Shortcut In Taskbar

By creating Control Panel shortcut, you can make your work easier.

Taskbar will make this easy for you by eliminating the step “type Control Panel in Cortana”.

Control panel windows 10

Yes! From now, you’ll always access your Control Panel settings quickly…

..and, this is a one-time task as Control panel will always there in the taskbar.

You never need to repeat these steps at all.

Steps are as under ➡ ➡

  • Go to the Cortana Window 10.
  • Type Control Panel.Control Panel Windows 10 Cortana Search
  • Then, Right click on the Control Panel and select Pin to taskbar.

Start Menu Windows 10 Control Panel Shortcut

Now you can add control panel to start menu.

This is the way, where you can search for Control panel through the application list of Windows 10 start menu.

  • Go to the Start Menu Windows 10.
  • Scroll the app list.Windows 10 start menu control panel Windows 10
  • Or, Directly jump on the “C” section of start menu app list.
  • That’s it!!

Great :-O We have learned How to find Control Panel Windows 10 with these 2 easy and simple methods.

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