How To Set Up Microphone In Windows 10? – (Answered)

A microphone is a device that helps us in connecting and talking with each other with ease, listening to music, and recording purposes as well.  But, there are various reasons when Windows 10 may not accept your microphone’s audio. Let’s learn how to set up microphone in Windows 10 the right way.

Gaming experience gets doubled when you have a good quality microphone with you. When you are communicating with any of your family members, a bright and suitable sound is needed.

Set Up Microphone In Windows 10

The advancing technology has given us many easy ways to communicate with each other. Nowadays, many forms of microphones are running in trend. Like,  double wired Microphones for PC, USB Microphones, Wireless Bluetooth microphones, and so on.

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How To Connect Microphone In Windows 10

First, let’s have a look at how to connect and test microphone in Windows 10 PC/laptop or how to connect wireless Bluetooth microphones.

The most used microphones, from all the time, are the 3.5 mm jack cables. It gives us two ports to connect to any PC: Green Input Jack and the Pink Input jack (As shown in the picture).

setup microphone jacks in Windows 10

The green Input Jack is for the headphones, and the Pink jack is for the microphones. These two jacks are parallel when you are in gaming mode or talking to someone. The studs are probably on the front or at the back of your CPU.

In external microphone connectivity for laptop, you will see the circled port just beside the USB ports, you just need to plug in your single headset jack in that post, and it will connect instantly.

But, the trend has become the game-changer by launching wireless Bluetooth headphones. Wireless connectivity has relieved us from the mess of wires and multiple jacks, giving us a better and comfortable experience in communication.

I will highly recommend this guide Fix Connections To Bluetooth Audio devices and wireless displays in Windows 10 to connect your Bluetooth headphones properly.

Set Up Microphone In Windows 10

Here are the steps on how to set up a headset microphone in Windows 10 and make it work:

Step 1: To turn on Microphone settings, right-click the Volume icon and select Open Sound Settings.

Open sound settings
Step 2: Go to the Sound Control Panel

go to sound control panel

Step 3: Switch to Recordings to see the microphone settings; it will show you the status of your microphone and jack lines.

Step 4: Select Microphone and click on the Configure button.

go to recordings and select microphone
Step 5: You are now directed to the Speech recognition column.

Step 6: Click Setup Your Microphone option.

windows 10 microphone speech recognition


Step 7: Choose the type of microphone after the setup dialogue box opens and click Next

Choose the type of microphone
Step 8: Microphone setup wizard will ask you to read the full sentence in your voice to test internal microphone Windows 10

Step 9: Proceed to the next page by clicking on the Next button.

Microphone Voice Testing done
Step 10: If you see the below window, your Microphone is now Setup.

The Microphone setup done
Click on Finish, and you successfully turned on microphone in Windows 10!

Isn’t it easy to set up microphone in Windows 10 with different microphone devices? You must be having a good audio experience after following the above instructions. If you are still troubling and having a problem to turn on the microphone in Windows 10, then follow the below-given solutions.

Problems In Set Up Microphone In Windows 10

There are cases when users have some sort of issues like voice is not recognized by the computer, the microphone is muted, and the jacks are loose, etc. If you facing these issue, i have listed the troubleshooting below:

  • Is Your Microphone Muted?

When you are trying to connect your microphone to your PC, microphone setup wizard in Windows 10 will show a dialogue box if your voice is not transmitting. There can be various reasons for this; lets see what they are:

Error in testing the Microphone

  • Loose Microphone Jack

Either you have a loose Connection of your microphone jack. If the microphone jack is loose, it will not be able to detect your voice, so check that and insert it accordingly.

  • Low Microphone Sound

The Sound sensitivity of your microphone must be very low. Adjust your voice sensitivity by increasing your microphone volume, as shown below.

Checking levels in microphone properties

  • Microphone Drivers

If the required driver is not available, the microphone will not work. Then you need to update drivers in Windows 10.

We already have a detailed guide on this website that will help you to Update Bluetooth Drivers In Windows 10 in few easy steps.

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Final Words

Set up Microphone in Windows 10 is easy when you have proper instructions to follow. Check for required drivers and follow the steps demonstrated. Test it and enjoy communicating through voice chat with your loved one.

Now you can get the best gaming experience, connect to online chatting, and play with your buddies.  Send this guide to your friends so that they can also have good gaming experiences with you. It’s a great feeling when all the things are working correctly.

Comment here to let us know what kind of trouble you were having with your microphone, and does this guide helped you to solve it?  If we miss any of your queries to resolve the issue with your microphone, feel free to let us know. We will research it and update this article with the exact way of fixing it.

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