How To Use Alarms In Windows 10?

Do you know, there is a feature available to set alarm in Windows 10. Welcome to the Windows Ever guides and tutorials. In this new Windows 10 tutorial session, we gonna learn something new and interesting about Windows 10. This is how to use alarms in Windows 10

Guys! Setting the alarm in Windows 10 is quite easy and simple. Alarms can be used in many different ways.

How To Use Alarms In Windows 10

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Ummm…Let’s think first why the alarm is important for us.

We use an alarm to wake up early in the morning, also to wake up on time after taking a sweet and short sleep break while working. I don’t know about you guys, but most of the time I need an alarm for these purposes.

An alarm is also useful as a reminder to remind special time, dates and events. Alarms notify us about the tasks we need to do.

So, After getting this importance of an alarm clock, we can definitely describe it as an important part of our life 🙂

In addition, In this guide, how to use alarms in Windows 10 I will cover all the additional features that came with Alarms & Clock Windows 10. Like…

  • The World Clock
  • Timer Windows 10
  • Stopwatch Windows 10

So without wasting time, let’s learn how to use alarms in Windows 10.

How To Use Alarms In Windows 10

The easily described steps to learning how to set an alarm in Windows 10 with suitable screenshots are as under:

  • Firstly, go to Cortana Windows 10 and type Alarms & Clock.Cortana- Alarm
  • A small window named Alarms & Clock will open.
  • As you can see on my Windows 10 alarm app, I have already set an alarm.Set alarm
  • To add a new one, tap on the Plus Sign”+” on the bottom right corner.
  • Now you are in New Alarm section. Choose your specific time of the alarm.
  • You can modify the name of your alarm by clicking on Alarm Name tab.Alarm name set alarm
  • You can also use these settings- Alarm Repeats, Alarm Ringtone, and Windows 10 alarm snooze time according to your need.
  • Lastly, click on the Save button at the bottom right corner and the settings will be saved.

In Short:

Cortana > Alarm & Clock > Add”+” > Set Time > Set Alarm Name > Alarm Repletes > Set Sound > Set Snooze Time Save

After adding an alarm you can add more than one alarms at a time.(with different time schedule). Just click on Add “+” sign.

Good To Know…

While saving alarm settings if you receive any message like “You need to change your notification settings to ensure that your alarm occurs as expected”.

In this case, go to the See More option as you can see in the screenshot below, and then go to the Notification Settings tab and change the settings
Set notification

The World Clock App Windows 10

In Windows 10 alarm app, there is an additional option of world clock. With the help of world time clock, you can find out the difference between the time zones of two or more location.

This will also present the date and day of your selected location.

world clock

In other words, With Windows 10 World clock app, anyone can find out world clock time zones i.e current time of your desired location. Follow the instructions described below.

Windows 10 Alarms & Clock > Add”+” > Enter Location > OK.

Timer Windows 10

You can also make use of timer app in Windows 10. For this, set timer according to your wish.

Then, the Windows 10 timer app will present a countdown timer in your Windows 10 screen. This is a helpful feature of Microsoft to complete any task on time.

Instructions are as follows:

Windows 10 Alarms & Clock > Timer > Add”+” >  New Timer > Set timer > OK.

Stopwatch Timer Windows 10

This is the last and very useful feature of alarm & clock Windows 10.

Microsoft Windows 10 provide their users a facility of stopwatch timer. It is a little bit similar to Timer Windows 10. We use this to complete any task on time and to calculate the speed work/task.

Set timer


Windows 10 Alarms & Clock > Stopwatch > Start.

Now, we have easily learned set an alarm on Windows 10

But, suddenly one question came to my mind…

“Will Windows 10 alarm notify me even my PC is in sleep mode or in shut down position?”

Are you thinking the same?

Then read this article until the end 😉

Why Windows 10 Alarm Not Working

If you are facing the same problem, we can resolve it by using Instant Go Windows 10.

I know you are thinking what is Instant Go Windows 10.

In most cases, the alarm won’t sound if your PC is asleep, and never when it’s shut down. This happens because you haven’t enabled Instant GO Windows 10.

When you add an alarm you’ll see a message that “Notification will only show if the PC is awake”. This message shows that your device doesn’t have the feature of Instant Go.

Many Windows 10 PC and Windows 10 laptops have a feature of Instant GO. By enable Instant Go Windows 10, this will help your device to sound an alarm even in shutdown mode.

Le’s find out…

Do You Have Instant Go?

It’s very easy to find. You can check this by using Command Prompt.

Just open command prompt and type “powercfg”. You will see there a message- “Standby(Connected)”, only if you have Instant Go feature.

Check Insta goTips: Don’t you have Instant Go? If you see a message that “Notification will only show if the PC is awake”, make sure your device doesn’t go into sleep mode.

For this, apply these settings: Settings > System > Power & Sleep


So guys! This was the tutorial on how to use alarms in Windows 10. There is much more to learn about Windows 10. We will surely cover all important topics in Next articles.

I’ll surely cover all the important topics in my next articles.

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How To Use Alarms In Windows 10?
Article Name
How To Use Alarms In Windows 10?
In this new Windows 10 tutorial session, we have learned, how to use alarm in Windows 10. Also about Windows 10 Stopwatch, Timer, World Clock Windows 10 🙂
  • June 15, 2017
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