How To Change Ringtone In Windows 10 Mobile?

How To Change Ringtone In Windows 10 Mobile?
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Hello, friends! Do you get bored with old system ringtones in Windows 10 mobile? Then you are at right place. In this guide how to change ringtone in Windows 10 mobile, we will discuss various methods to change ringtone in Windows 10 mobile. 🙂  🙂

I know it’s an amazing feeling when your phone rings with your favorite song or with any other latest ringtone, that you want to set as your Windows Phone ringtone.

How To Change Ringtone In Windows 10 Mobile

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Without ringtone, you will surely miss notifications of many of your calls or messages. But, what to do when you don’t want to hear that ‘by default set’ ringtone again n again.

Ummm…Most of the users are new to Windows 10 mobile. Hence, setting ringtone in Windows 10 mobile is a confusing task for them 🙁

For this, I am going to present 3 ultimate methods to change ringtone in Windows 10 mobile 😮

How To Change Ringtone In Windows 10 Mobile

So let’s see the 3 step-by-step, ultimate ways to change ringtone in Windows 10 mobile.

Here we go->->->

Microsoft Windows Phone Settings

This is the first and the easiest way to change ringtone in Windows 10 mobile. In simple language, we can describe Windows 10 device settings as ‘built-in settings

By default, Windows phones come with a number of pre-loaded ringtones. But, sometimes it’s very confusing to change these system ringtones because we are new to Windows phone and not much familiar with all the system settings.

For this, we have to follow some pre-defined steps to change the ringtone according to our like.

Ummm…How do I change my ringtone on my Windows phone?

Chill guys! The steps with suitable screenshots are as under:

  • Open Settings in your Windows 10 phone.
  • Go to the Personalization tab.sounds-Personalization
  • Into the personalization, Select Sounds.select-sound
  • Under the tab sounds, you will see preloaded Windows 10 Sounds.
  • Choose any one of these as your Windows Mobile default ringtone.
  • Press OK.

In Short: Settings > Personalization > Sounds > Choose Ringtone > OK

Yeah! we just learn, how to change ringtone in Windows 10 mobile with the help of Windows mobile settings.

Hold on!! It seems like you get bored with these preinstalled Microsoft Windows phone ringtones. And, want to hear your favourite song as your Windows phone default ringtone.

Now, what to do?:-o Don’t Worry we have more options below:-)

Connect Windows 10 Phone Media With PC

Do you know, A single USB can change your boring ringtone to your favourite one.

Yes! You heard right. Microsoft Windows 10 phones providing the features for changing ringtone by using the USB cable.

Tools: Nothing much, just start your PC and get a USB cable with you.

The steps to change Windows phone ringtone, are described below:

Step 1. First of all, choose Song or MP3 file of your desired ringtone.

Step 2. Now, Connect your Windows 10 Mobile to your PC, with the help of USB cable (USB to USB cable).

Connect USB

Step 3. Go to the File Explorer or This PC, And there you will see Windows 10 mobile as a storage device.

Step 4. Now open that Windows 10 mobile storage and find the Ringtone that you had chosen before.

Step 5. Copy and paste the selected ringtone to your smartphone.

Ringtone copy paste

Step 6. Set ringtone successfully.

In Short: Choose Ringtone > Connect USB Cable > File explorer > Find Selected Ringtone > Copy > Paste to Smartphone.

Now, Enjoy your desired ringtone on your Windows 10 mobile.

But, If you don’t have PC, it doesn’t mean you can’t set your selected ringtone on your Windows 10 phone.

Yes, you can still insert your desired MP3 song as your ringtone, by following the next method described below.

Using Ringtone Maker App

If you are lazy like me, then you will never open your PC to set a ringtone :-p , Don’t worry! Ringtone Maker is here to help you.

Yeah! Let your phone rock out to your ringtone by using ringtone maker. Ringtone maker for Windows Phone is an awesome way to edit the selected MP3 song.

Ringtone maker app is one of the best ringtone cutter to crop any part of any song. By choosing this way to change ringtone in Windows 10 mobile, you don’t need PC.

windows-mobile ringtone cutter

Ringtone maker app comes pre-installed with Windows 10 mobile phones. But, if you can’t find this, get your own free ringtones by download ringtone maker from Microsoft App Store also known as Windows app store.

This free MP3 ringtone converter software is for anyone who loves to set new ringtones and have a Windows phone.

The steps from download ringtone maker app to  set your desired song as your new Windows phone ringtone are:

  • Download ringtone maker app from Windows 10 app store, to get free ringtones for cell phones.
  • Open the app and select the song.select the song
  • Now using pointers, crop the song to put as your ringtone.crop the song
  • Once you have done, click on Save.
  • Set ringtone successfully.

In Short: Download Ringtone Maker > Select Song > Crop The Song > Save.


So by following these 5 easy steps, you can change the ringtone anytime, anywhere you want.

Friends! We have learned all the 3 methods on How to change ringtone in Windows 10 mobile.

Now reflect your stylish and modern personality in front of your friend and in public, by updating latest ringtones.

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In case you have any doubts regarding the methods that I showed here in this article, please do not hesitate to comment.

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