How Do I Sync My Settings In Windows 10?

If you have recently changed your device or upgraded to Windows 10, then you must be thinking How do I sync my settings in Windows 10?

As we all know, resetting is a heavy task and sometimes we feel lazy too. But, what should we have to do to sync all settings in a very short period of time if your Windows 10 settings not synced yet?

But, what we have to do to sync all settings in a very short period of time?

..if your Windows 10 settings not synced yet.

How Do I Sync My Settings In Windows 10

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Don’t worry! I have a best alternate solution for this query that will reset all your settings quickly like magic…

How Do I Sync My Settings In Windows 10

Follow the steps given below to determine how do I sync my settings in Windows 10

  1. Go and login to Windows 10 with your Microsoft account.
  2. Tap the Cortana Windows 10,  type “Sync Your Settings” and hit Enter.Cortana Windows 10 Sync Your Settings
  3. Now, you are under the setting section of Windows 10.
  4. Select the Account option.Sync your settings Account option
  5. Then, pick Sync your settings.Go to the sync your setting option
  6. Turn On the sync settings.

In short:

Microsoft Account < Cortana < Sync Setting < Account < Sync Your Settings < Turn On < Done

These were the steps to turn on  Windows 10 sync settings with the help of this tutorial, how do I sync my settings in Windows 10.

Wait Wait!!

Your Windows 10 not synced yet? 😮 

..then you must grab these below described ways to learn how to customize sync settings Windows 10

Read till the end!!

How To Customize Sync Settings Windows 10

These are so many options available in Windows 10 operating system if your Windows not syncing settings…

Yes! Microsoft allows customizing system settings according to their user’s need and wish.

Customize Sync Settings in Windows 10

If your Windows 10 not sync yet or you don’t want to sync all settings, there is an option to sync settings individually…

Before knowing the individual sync settings in Windows 10, we’ll discuss “what comes under individual sync and their important features”.

Individual Sync Settings On Windows 10

Theme: Sync theme, under sync settings Windows 10 keeps your pre fix and comfortable to you theme synced automatically. In other words, after sync theme settings in Windows 10, you don’t need to customize theme again.

The second best part of this individual sync theme setting is that can turn it off whenever you want.

So if you get bored with your old theme, you can change it now by turning Sync Theme Setting Off.

Internet Explorer Settings: With the help of Internet Explore sync settings Windows 10, you can sync your browser history, favorite lists and searches and browser settings.

And with Internet Explorer sync settings you don’t need to log in with Microsoft account(If it is Internet Explorer 10 or 11) 😀

Password: If you had ever stored passwords like login passwords, passwords for apps, websites, networks etc…

..They will sync automatically by sync password settings Windows 10.

Language Preference: There are several options available in Windows 10 operating system to set your preferred languages.

Windows 10 synch settings make it more easy for you by syncing your pre settings of your language preference.

Now you can sync your settings of input methods, display language, keyboard settings, dictionary(personal) etc.

Ease Of Access: By turning on the button Ease of access, anyone can be synced with ease of access settings like Narrator, Magnifier, keyboard settings, closed caption and much more.

Other Windows Settings: In other Windows 10 settings, it covers the remaining settings like Printer, mouse settings, file management settings etc.

So guys! after knowing all the important features and elements of individual sync settings Windows 10

..we can move towards the implementation.

So if Windows 10 cannot connect to sync service… now we know how to fix it.

Fix it now!! ➡ ➡

Steps To Sync Settings On Windows 10 Individually

  • Go the Sync your settings Windows 10.
  • Then, choose the option Individual sync settings. Customize Sync Settings in Windows 10
  • Turn On the [highlight color=”yellow”]Theme, Internet explorer settings, password settings, Ease of access, language preferences[/highlight]  and other Windows 10 sync settings.
  • Or, select individually.
  • That’s it!!

This was the tutorial on how do I sync my settings Settings In Windows 10. I hope you enjoyed spending every second reading this article and find helpful to you.

As I’m not a so called guru like how others call themselves, but I do believe in data driven approach that I want to share with everyone 🙂

I do also believe that you also follow the same approach.

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