Google Chrome For Windows 10 Free Download

Google Chrome For Windows 10 Free Download
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By default Windows 10 operating system comes with an internet browser, known as Microsoft Edge. But if you need a quick and smart web browser, you can download Google Chrome for Window 10 with the help of this new Windows 10 guide 🙂

Google Chrome is a smart web browser with ultimate features and Chrome extensions.

Unfortunately, we miss these ultimate and suitable features of google chrome in other web browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Opera etc.

How To Download Google Chrome For windows 10

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In this article, I’ll let you know the 2 easy methods to download google chrome in Windows 10. 

Also, I will explain the methods of google chrome installation 💡

Furthermore, Google search engine helps us to get free google chrome for Windows 10. In other words, anyone can download google chrome for free with the help of Google search engine.

That means you’ll have the latest version of Google Chrome without paying any cost. This will make your experience effective through these Google Chrome features.

Hence, this will make your experience effective through Google Chrome features and Google Chrome extensions.

Google Chrome For Windows 10 Free Download

Now move ahead and learn the ways to download Google Chrome for Window 10 for free...

By  Searching

  • The first step is to go on Microsoft Edge web browser or any pre-installed web browser.

(You will find Microsoft Edge on the bottom of the screen in the taskbar. If it is not there you can search it through Cortana By typing “Microsoft Edge“)Microsoft-Edge-cortana

  • After searching from Cortana, Microsoft edge browser windows 10 will open. There will be a search box in the upside of the screen. There, enter the web address “” and press Enter.Search google
  • Now you are on the official Google Chrome website. There you will see some heads like Download, Setup, Chromebooks etc.
  • Go to the “Download” head. Select the option “For personal computer” (The tab “For mobile” is optional).Click Download Now
  •  As a secondary option, In google chrome website you will also get an instant download option named “Download Now“. Where you can download Google Chrome instantly.
  • Select one from both two options according to your wish.Accept and install
  • When you accept the google chrome browser’s terms and conditions, finally the downloading process will start. This will take few minutes to download.
  • Now, the Google Chrome web browser for Windows 10 is installed in your Windows 10 device.Google-chrome-Run
  • You can browse the Google Chrome from the taskbar and also make Chrome as your default web Google chrome

In Short:

Microsoft Edge>> Download Now> Accept terms and conditions> Download

By typing Google Chrome Download for Windows 10

In this method of downloading google chrome, no need to go to or google chrome website…

Just open Microsoft edge or any other pre-installed web browser. There, you can type one from these-

1. Google Chrome download for Windows 10

2. Google Chrome download full version free

3. Google Chrome latest version

4. Google Chrome for Windows 10 free download

5. Google Chrome download for windows 10 64 bit/32 bits

You can also select from given suggestions in the below screenshot

Type Google chrome download

You will find out, these searches will drop you to the below-given links…

Download google chrome

These all searches will address the user on Google Chrome official website.

Then the same process described in the first heading “By  Searching” will apply.

These were 2 easiest and smarter ways to know how to download google chrome for windows 10.

I hope by following this guide, you have successfully installed Google Chrome on your Windows 10 device.

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  • Updated January 19, 2018
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