Get Help With Notepad In Windows 10 Like A Pro!

Are you recently upgraded to Windows 10 and wanna create a text file using Notepad? But you are stuck and Question-zoned, and seeking how to Get help with Notepad in Windows 10?

In this new Windows 10 guide, I am gonna cover everything related to Notepad in Windows 10.

Get Help With Notepad In Windows 10

Like, What is Notepad?, Features of Windows 10 Notepad, Kind of uses of Notepad, How to get help with Notepad in Windows 10 Printing, Get help with the Line number, Font and Char count in Notepad and many more.

For this, We have to first learn about notepad and how to use notepad in windows 10.

What is Notepad For Windows 10?

Notepad is a very basic text editor that has been part of Windows for a very long time. We do not need to download Notepad for Windows 10 as it comes pre-installed. If you want to save plain text, It is excellent for writing relatively short text documents.
That is not all you can do with it. If you have not used Notepad much, you may be surprised by knowing how easy it is to work with.

Let’s take a new look at this old desktop app for Windows, what it is, and what it does:

So let’s get started…

Get Help With Notepad In Windows 10

How To Open Windows 10 Notepad

Before knowing the various ways to use Notepad, You must know where is my notepad in windows 10? In other guides, many ways may have been described to open a simple Notepad. Hence, I will say them a waste of time. The easiest way to open free Notepad for Windows 10 is:

Go to the Cortana in Windows 10 and search for “Notepad

Search Notepad For Windows 10

That’s It! Double click on it and Notepad will be on your screen.

Additional Point: When we search for Notepad with the help of Cortana, Right click on it and you will get the option to pin to start, Pin to taskbar options. This will save you time next time.

Now we will turn up to get help with Notepad in  Windows 10.

1. Notepad Works On XML Files:

Notepad is an application that works on XML files. It allows you to create and edit XML documents quickly and easily. With this amazing Windows 10 tool, the structure of an XML data displayed graphically in a tree structure.

The interface presents two panes: One for the structure and another one for the values.

Also, You may add elements, attributes, comments, and text to the XML document by creating the tree structure in the left pane and entering values in the right pane’s corresponding text boxes.

2. Create, Open and Save Text Files With Notepad

As we have opened the Notepad, Now you will have the choices in the file menu are New, Open, Save, Save As, Page Setup and Print. You will see the keyboard shortcuts as well for quick action.

So Make it, Save it and Open it!

Keep in mind that in Notepad Plain text, your files are saved with a .txt extension.

3. Get Help With Notepad In Windows 10 Encoding And HTML Files

We can also make use of Save As to change the encoding of the file to match a particular character set.

For example, Copy a bit of text from a different language site and paste it to Notepad. You will receive a message like shown below:

Save text file using different encodings

You have to choose the appropriate encodings from the given Drop-Down list. This could take a little time to get right, depending on the type of characters in the files. Here Unicode is a good bet.

In case you want to save HTML file in Notepad, Make sure the word wrap is turned On and write the HTML code in Notepad. When its time to save your code, Go to the Save As an option, select All Files in file type and just put .htm or .html extension.

4. How to Turn on Word Wrap in Notepad Windows 10

Notepad has always come with the Word Wrap option turned off. This means everything you type ends up on one very long line until you press the Enter key. When we go to the Format Menu in NOtepad Windows 10, It will give you only two simple options, Word Wrap and Font.



You have the option of pressing Enter when your typing gets the right margin of the Notepad window, but that makes the lines lengthy. If you would like to see what you are typing without having to scroll all the way to the right, Just turn Word Wrap on.

5. Print Text File In Notepad WIndows 10

If your document is going to be printed, you just need to follow few steps.

Go to the File menu, Go to Print option or Just hit Ctrl+P.

Print in notepad in Windows 10
In more sophisticated programs, Page Setup offers a long list of options. In Notepad, your choices are simple. You can choose the paper size and where your printer keeps the paper, the page orientation and whether to have a header and footer (and the text to include in each).

6. Edit Menu In Notepad Windows 10

The Edit menu offers a few choices, All the Edit choices also have keyboard shortcuts.

The first item on the Edit menu is Undo/Redo, which can be useful when you are editing the document. The rest of the menu, Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete, Find, Find Next, Replace, Go To, Select All, and Time/Date, are standard in nearly all Windows programs that deal with documents.

7. Get Help With Change The Font Of The Text

The Font choice in Microsoft Notepad Windows 10, offers you a list of all your installed fonts, and the option to use bold, italic, and the like. However, This works in Notepad like Microsoft Word, a change of font immediately affects the entire document. You cannot use one font in one part of the document and another font in another part of it. Yes! It is all or nothing.

Change Font in Notepad in Windows 10

Select the font of your choice and make the plain text stylish.

8. Hide data in Notepad text file compartment of Windows 10

Have you ever tried to Hide text in a regular Microsoft Notepad?

Yes, there is a possibility to hide some text in a Regular Notepad, but it seems to be working on only a few versions on Windows, probably on Windows XP SP2.
To hide text in a Notepad, all that you need to do is, just open up a command prompt and type the command given below:

Hide Copy Code
C:\notepad secret.txt:hidden.txt

9. Hide data in Notepad text file compartment of Windows 10

Then it will open up a new Notepad file, and prompt whether to create a Notepad file with the name Secret, go ahead and click on ‘Yes’.,
Now type whatever you wish and go ahead and close the window. Then a prompt appears asking to save the file or not, click on ‘Yes’.

In order to view this Hidden text in this Notepad File, just again go to the same command prompt and then type the same command that you have typed to create the file, as below….

Hide Copy Code
C:\notepad secret.txt:hidden.txt

Now you will view the text what you typed there. Also if you go ahead and check with the file size, it always seems to be 0KB, sometimes 1KB, and it will not cross these two file sizes, but you can type the contents up to MBs and so on.
Anyway, if someone came to know about this, they can easily open this file by using this simple command.


I hope you like this get help in Windows 10 brief tutorial about how to get help with Notepad in Windows 10. And appreciate my efforts of creating such a guide. I will be coming again with a new and helpful guide for Windows 10 soon.

Do share this guide with your family and friends also share on social media platforms you use.

In the end, I am going to share a list of other specification of Microsoft Notepad Windows 10. That will help you to know more about Notepad.

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