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How To Change Ringtone In Windows 10 Mobile?

Are you get bored with your default ringtone? And finding how to change ringtone in Windows 10 mobile?  Then you are in the right place. Here we will learn how we can make custom ringtones for windows phone in just a few minutes. I know it’s an amazing feeling when your phone rings with your favorite […]

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How To Import Photos From iPhone To Windows 10?

So far, Apple is still one of the brands for smartphones and PC. But, nowadays a question, how to import photos from iPhone to Windows 10, is circling in Apple’s world. We use Apple iPhone to capture beautiful and creative pictures and would like to secure them permanently. As to the trend, most of iPhone […]

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Best Antivirus For Windows 10 You Need To Know!

In this new Windows 10 guide, the best antivirus for Windows 10 you need to know, I am going to introduce the best antivirus for Windows 10 2017-18. Before that, I have something to share with you… ..As always I was working on my Windows 10 PC. But, suddenly I found some strange activity on […]

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How Do I Sync My Settings In Windows 10?

If you have recently changed your device or upgraded to Windows 10, then you must be thinking How do I sync my settings in Windows 10? As we all know, resetting is a heavy task and sometimes we feel lazy too. What we have to do to sync all settings in a very short period of time? […]

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How To Play DVD On Windows 10? – 3 Best Free Tools

If you are wondering, what do you need to do, to play a DVD on Windows 10 operating system? With the help of this guide How to play DVD on Windows 10: 3 best ways, I’ll make your video experience awesome… ..with effective sound quality and better video pixels. Microsoft Windows 10 makes playing DVDs a little […]

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