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Mustkeema is a multi-talented blogger. Her most loved writing topics are technology and health. Through this blog she is dedicated to help Windows OS users around the globe. When not blogging, Mustkeema is an avid reader and theater junkie.

Get Help With WordPad In Windows 10

WordPad in Windows 10 is free of cost and convenient application. It was initially introduced with Windows 95, and We still use it in Windows 10 with many improved features. If you are new to Windows 10 WordPad or want to know some remarkable features about it, then Get help with WordPad in Windows 10 […]

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How To Change Power And Sleep Settings In Windows 10

Ever run out of battery power in the middle of an important meeting or a long flight? Even in this age of advanced technology, your laptop battery can not last so long on a single charge. In this new WindowsEver guide, we will discover to change power and sleep settings in Windows 10 and make […]

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How To Use Alarms In Windows 10?

After getting an upgrade to Windows 10, I realise that Windows 10 operating system have many great features. Apart from Cortana in Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge, One of the best feature added by Microsoft is Windows 10 computer alarm. In this new Windows 10 tutorial, we gonna learn something new and interesting about Windows 10. That […]

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How To Update USB Drivers In Windows 10

Learn How to update USB Drivers in Windows 10 in minutes. USB 3.0 in Windows 10 is one of the most popular and useful USB version due to its fast and universal performance. You can find it on almost all modern devices like network adapters, printers, monitors and video cards as well. Usually, USB drivers […]

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How To Set Up Microphone In Windows 10? – (Answered)

A microphone is a device that helps us in connecting and talking with each other with ease, listening to music, and recording purposes as well.  But, there are various reasons when Windows 10 may not accept your microphone’s audio. Let’s learn how to set up microphone in Windows 10 the right way. Gaming experience gets doubled […]

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